46ml. After leaving hostel Azul and the long uphill out of Granada I arrive at Rivas and do a little food shopping before going to San Jorge and catching the ferry to Ometepe island which is dominated by 2 volcanoes, active concepción in the islands north and Maderas volcano in the south of the island. It’s a beautiful place and I stay for 4 nights on the island. I ride around to Santa Cruz after my 1st nights stay at Hostel Caballo and stay at another hostel Los Coco’s on the shore of the ride lake. Then I ride to Altagracia then Moyogalpa. I book in abuelos hostel for 2 nights and I really enjoyed my stay here. After here I will be in Costa Rica within one days ride. Nicaragua was a very nice country although I didn’t see enough of it and I will hope to return again to see more and hopefully hook up with Barry again.

A nice view of the cloud covered Conceptión volcano

Beautiful small church on route around the island

Volcano Conceptión

Island morning life

Arriving at Moyogalpa with volcano Conceptión in the background

Catching the ferry to Ometepe



48ml. After goodbyes at Jamay, I make for La Piedad on the 35, and then the 110. The road has a good shoulder on it and the weather is scorching again. It’s mainly flat with the last 15ml getting a bit lumpy. Approaching the town I stop at a motel and it’s only 150pesos but there’s a factory opposite running noisy machinery 24hrs so I decide to carry on. I get a good deal at the cerro grande hotel and it’s not far to Walmart so happy days. Cable TV, first in a long time and decent supermarket for some peanut butter and porridge.

La Barca history museum

La Barca church


Sri-Lanka 20.1.11 Hikkaduwa – Negombo 86 mile

Sri-Lanka 20.1.11 HikkaduwSri-Lanka 20.1.11 Hikkaduwa – finished the cycling now. 86 mile yesterday in over 100 degree heat. Riding up through Colombo wasn’t as bad as i thought it was gonna be but still hard work all the same, damn bus driver tossers. Fly home tomo so depression has set in after the realization its back to work on Monday. Flat road all the way up and choose a quiet road from Colombo which followed a canal and lagoon all the way up to Negombo. No buses on this stretch. Saw a large snake which came across the road right in front of me but couldn’t get the camera out in time.  It was good apart from the weather early on in the holiday. Good roti’s and curry and rice. The culture also seems to be if you’re foreign then they double the price so this was not good feeling you’re being ripped off all the time.

17.1.11 Sri-lanka. Unawatana – Hikkaduwa 15 mile.

Travelled through Galle on the A2 today. only 50 minutes riding today and went right by the international cricket ground where the 2011 world cup will be played. Passed Midigama also which is a surf resort and 1 of the best places in sri-lanka for surfing. Hikkaduwa is similar to Unawatana but the bay is longer. Lot of surfers here as the waves are better as the bay is less sheltered. Its Poya day on the 19th so may do Negombo in 1 hit (86 mile approx) from here as this day will be quieter riding up the dreaded A2 galle road and less of the kamikarzi bus drivers if you can call them that. I wouldn’t give them an effin wheelbarrow to drive.

Sri-lanka 15.1.11 Tangalle to Polena 26mile

Stayed in Tangalle for 5 days and only had a  couple of days of sunshine. Rode to Polena and stayed at Sunil guesthouse. Food was excellent. Saw lots of turtles, stayed for 2 days and had good weather. Went to Weligama and Mirrisa on bikes and stayed on beach all day it was really nice place and a lovely bay. Really nice chilled out spot here at Polena.

9.1.11 sri-lanka Tissa-Tangalle 49mile

After mending Andys puncture this morning we rode into town for a sri lankan breakfast of bread, rice and curry in a local cafe, cost just over a quid for 2 of us but think we were overcharged due to being farangs lol. easy and flat road today along the A2 and arrive at Tangalle early afternoon and book in at the Kingfisher guesthouse right on the beach, 1000rp’s a night for the room. Thats more like it. Been here 3 days now just chilling and swimming in the sea. There’s a Navy basae close by and the sri-lankan navy come and train on the beach every day right outside our guesthouse. The beach is almost deserted here at Tangalle which stretches for about 2km’s. If you want a picture postcard location with warm sea, palm trees, golden sand and peace and quiet then this is the place for you. Andys birthday tomo but moving further down the coast to Mirrisa i think then out on lash. I think its only about 28mile away so easy day cycling tomo.

9.1.11 sri-lanka- Ella-Tissamaharama 66mile

Curd shop in Ella

Ella in the hill country

Ella Gap

Andy arriving in Ella our last stop in the hill country.

The road down to the flat plains

Well left Ella this morning 5.1.11 after a curd and honey for brekkie. This is made from the buffalo milk and is very tasty. After riding only 3 mile down the Ella gap towards the flat plains, the rain stopped and the Vietnamese rain cape came off as the temperature also rose steeply. Was bare back riding now for

Andy weaving through a small mountainside town

still cool as we lose altitude

the rest of the day with the long awaited sun on our backs. We took the A23 down to Wellawaya and this was mainly downhill for 15miles although there was roadworks a few miles after Ella with mud and uneven surface which really shit us and our bikes up.

waiting our turn in the roadworks

Andy still in flip flops, what a wanker!

We then headed east on the A4 to Buttala and then south on the B53 to Tissa. This was longer but looked a quieter road and also took us down the outskirts of Yala national Park.

Its getting warmer

The flat plains and sun at last

arriving in the flat plains and nice warm weather

We saw elephants 4 times today down this road. Andy Punctured about 20 mile from Tissa so just kept pumping the tyre up every 5 miles to finish at Tissa due to the extreme heat we couldn’t be arsed to mend it. My eyes were sore at the end of today due to the constant stream of sweat running into them and stinging. We booked in at the Pala hotel on the main road in about 1km north of the town. very nice place good food 2000rp’s for room.

sri-lanka 4.1.11 Nuwara Eliya to Ella 37mile

coming down bad road. It went for miles

Well descended for over 14mile today on a terrible road which was single track in some places and full of potholes. Probably could have climbed it quicker than going down due to the state of the road. Started down A5 to Welimada Then forked right to Bandarawela where the road was smooth again. had some climbing again today but nothing serious. Arrived in Ella at 1080mt’s asl and booked into a great guesthouse called Rawana guesthouse with really amazing views of Ella Gap WOW really does take your breath away. Must also be the best meal we’ve had so far with rice and about 9 different dishes including whole clove garlic curry, being their signature dish. yum yum. Rained again today but then we are high in the hill country. I must add that if there was emissions tests on all the vehicles here then the roads would be clear of all traffic as they all bellow out clouds of thick black smoke which isn’t good when you’re lungs are gasping for clean oxygen climbing these damn mountains ha ha. Up early tomo for view of Ella Gap before the cloud’s come down. Will head for Haputale and Sir Thomas Liptons seat Which is on one of the  tea plantation’s estate which he purchased in 1890 and where he used to sit and have the best view in Sri-Lanka. equal to the view at worlds end. He succeeded in selling 10 million pounds of tea in just 2 years by under cutting the then going price by 2 thirds. this was the start of the real birth of the lipton dynasty and put Ceylon tea on the global map.

3.1.11 Kandy to Nuwara Eliya 46 mile

The start of the hill country. yesterday was serious climbing, we left Kandy on the A5 for Gampola and climbed a 5/6 mile mountain at 1600 meters above sea level but then dropped down and lost most of our height we just gained, what a sicken-er. We then passed a big waterfall at Ramboda and started the massive climb to Nuwara Eliya. It was sheer pain, OK at first as the views were great traveling up past all the tea plantations but i lost count of the hairpin bends we went round and it never seemed to end. Over 10 miles of up taking nearly 2 hours reaching the summit at 1980meters or 6185feet. It was also very cold up there so was freezing by the time we dropped to our guesthouse called single tree inn. Only consolation was it didn’t rain today. Had a filling meal of chicken and noodles at an outdoor place at the bottom of the road and a few beers before a good nights rest. Having a day off today before heading to Ella then its south for some sought after sun.

sri-lanka 1.1.11 polonnaruwa to kandy 84mile

On the road to Kandy

Roti Lunch stop in small village

hi all, well set off in rain yesterday to matele headed back to Giritale then took a b road down to Elahera. was a very bumpy road and mainly climbing the last 10 kms although not steep. It also rained very hard for an hour so got very wet although its still warm. we then hit the main A9 just as the rain stopped and decided to go to Kandy as its new years eve and a more lively town where you can have a drink till midnight. everywhere else we been, all the small towns shut at 10/10.30pm. last 20kms to kandy was 10 uphill then 10 downhill. had to stop goin up to put my lights on as it was gettimg dark and too dangerous with the horrendous traffic. it was foggy goin up with all the poisonous exhaust fumes from the buses and trucks. we finally arrived about 8pm and found a guesthouse south of the lake who wanted 2000rp’s but managed to barter him down to 1500rp’s. Had a drink in le pub but was double normal price so ended up in stags head above a big hotel around the corner for the new year celebration where it was cheaper beer. Having another night here then setting off again but which direction we’re not to sure yet. Will be south tho looking for some sun. it’s been sunny here today, so maybe things are looking up. Just had a great curry and naan bread in the Kandy muslim hotel which is just a small local restaurant. best meal here so far.

sri lanka 30.12.10 Kurunugalle to Dambala 43ml. Dambala to Polonnaruwa 48mile

Healy tourist guesthouse Dambulla

great food at healy and he mopped the lot up.

hi all. left Kurunugalle this morn and the madonna guesthouse at 2000rp’s wasn’t clean or cheap. Set off and  rode to dumballa. What a nightmare, its very frightening as the buses rule the road and come within inches blasting thier horns. if they overtake heading towards you then you must steer off road in the gutter or be deceased, its that simple.

Sigiriya Rock

Monkeys on top of the rock

only half way up the steps here

Stayed at Dumbala for 3 nights and visited sigiriya rock and the temple caves. our accomodation was at the Healey tourist Inn 1300rp’s per night. very friendly family who run this.

ths steps up the rock

swimming bath on top of the fortress rock

Just 1 of the great views from the top

yesterday 29.12.2010 set off for polonnaruwa. Had my rack, for carrying my bag, repaired at a roadside shack as the support bracket snapped. He made a new strong one and fit it for 50p. Also the cycling has been much more enjoyable. Since the right turn at Habarana crossroads its been quieter roads and even a shoulder to ride on. We passed through Minnerviya national park and saw mongoose, elephant, and monitor lizards on way along with lots of different spieces of birds including eagles. Lots of military camps along this route heading eastwards. we are staying at the samudra guest house 1300rp’s in polonnaruwa. very clean and located just before roundabout in town on the right down a narrow alley. Its monsoon rain here today and looks like its set in for the day so maybe another night here. We met the owner of the devi tourist guesthouse in town and decided to go for a drink there, Wow very nice clean place and without doubt the best place here to stay. I forgot his name but speaks very good English both him and his wife. Also cheapest beer we had yet and great food. Wish we’d have come here 1st now lol.


well its hot and 78% humidity but its rained for 2 days out of the 4 we been here so far. unexpected weather everyone keeps saying. set off on bikes tomo up to a place called Kurunegala. no beer today but will be glad to set off i’m bored now. should have left today really but decided to have another days rest. Negombo where we’re at is just north of colombo on the coast. Very friendly people but not as cheap as other places in Sea here is very rough and signs up for no swimming. Drowning is 2nd biggest killer of tourists here. The water looks dirty here also on this part of the coast.

cycling from Hanoi to saigon via Laos and Cambodia xmas 2007

hiya all
This is the blog about our adventure at xmas 2007 where we cycle’d from Hanoi to Saigon partly along the ho chi ming trail through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This was 2 years ago so cant remember everything and the pics in the album are a little mixed up and out of sequence but thats how they uploaded.
We arrived at Hanoi airport and caught a taxi into the old part of town and eventually found a freindly guesthouse with vacancies. A couple of days on the lash then it was on a trip up to halong bay.  This is a majestic area where 3000 incredible islands rise from the emerald waters of the gulf of tonkin. We opted for the tour by boat which includes sleeping on a boat in the bay. you stop on 1 of the islands and do some exploring by kyayk which was great. After arriving back in hanoi we made for a bike shop and bought our mountain bikes for approx $160 including a few extras, spare tubes, rack etc. We set off out of hanoi and headed south for Dong ha where we would head west for the border crossing into Laos.