About old Ive

Hi I’m Ivan,



Surly Troll loaded up April 2018

Surly bike build 2018


I’ve always loved travel but at first it was through work. At 19 years old, I worked in Germany dismantling heavy machinery for Dave Taylor engineering. We did about 5 or 6 job’s in Germany, the longest lasting 3 months and soon after i started lorry driving abroad. I did a few years driving mainly to Italy and Spain and a few trips to Turkey, Greece and North Africa. Thereafter I drove for 20 years in the UK.



I started doing bike travel at xmas in 2007. Saving my holidays all year at work and then taking them all at once, which gave me 5 weeks to travel on my bike with a mate of mine. These 1st tours were done just booking in guesthouses and using a small rucksack for cloths and toiletries. We started by flying to Hanoi in North Vietnam and buying a cheap mountain bike and following part of the Ho Chi Ming trail to Saigon through Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia. I Loved it so much me and my pal did it for the next 5 xmas’s. We then started taking our own bike’s on a plane, visiting, South India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Ankor wat in Cambodia. The last one we did was a repeat of the 1st trip following the Ho chi ming trail. It was a shock how much things had changed in the 6 years since 1st doing it.

I’ll try and give an account of these trips on this site, I have photo’s but I never made any records of dates etc, so i’ll try my best to put down details of these adventures as and when i get time and if my memory allows.

I’ve now started touring with full Pannier set-up taking a tent and stove etc. I’ve built up my own touring bike with help and advice from Gyllside cycles Ambleside and my mate Ian. Just so i can fix it if it breaks, or try to.

I’m packing my job in on April 20th 2018 and I’m setting off on a tour on the 28th of April 2018. I’m riding to Hull and catching the ferry to Rotterdam heading for greece but nothing set in stone so not sure how far i’ll get or how long I’ll last.

I’ll keep a blog going on here with pic’s.

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