Cañón del pato to Arequipa

1.8.21. 806 miles cycling over 15 days. After cañón del pato I stay in Yungay, then on to Huaraz. It’s a nice city and close by is Huarascán National Park, and the tallest mountain in Peru Huarascán. There’s quite a few tourists here for the climbing and hiking. I stay a couple of nights at Jo’s place a nice cheap hostel with breakfast and a nice garden. Next day I wild camp at Lago Tapara, it’s over 4,000m and I pitch the tent in an abandoned building as I’m guessing a cold night this high. Quietest night for a long time but I couldn’t sleep because of a bad headache. I put it down to the altitude as I never get headaches.

Just over 4,000m here.
Beautiful and quiet.
Hoping it’s going to be warmer in here

After packing up, the headache goes and it’s sunny but cold. When I reach the top at Conococha, it’s over 45miles decent but I had to wear gloves as I was so cold. Next stop was Chasquitambo as it was another 30ml to the next available hospedaje. Next day I reach the Pan American and it’s cold and misty again so I stay at Haucho. Next day onto Chancay, drizzle and fog and up and down all day.
Next morning I have to meet ws host John at 4 so I manage to get a bus with the bike to Lima center. I arrive at Johns place in time and it’s great to speak English again. John’s from England and here working as a teacher. I’m in the center to try and find new chainrings for the front.There’s life left in them but I’m not sure if I could get the parts further on my route through Bolivia. I go to a shop called el piñon loco near John’s apartment and the owner Giancarlo is very enthusiastic about everything bike. It’s only a small shop but he knows his stuff. So I let him do the work and find my new chainrings. He completely striped the bike to the frame, cleaned all the parts, I mean everything, derailleurs, headset bearings, new cables inner & outer for brakes and gears and the bike was like brand new. Amazing and a very cheap price. Next it’s back to Fernando’s for a few days. After getting the 2nd jab at Callao I leave Fernando and head south on the Pan American. 1st night I stay at Mala, then Chinca, and then Ica.

Leaving Fernando’s for Arequipa
Pan American highway
This side of the highway to Ica was new but not opened to traffic yet so I had 50kms to myself & some goats.

It’s good down to Ica with a big shoulder. After Ica it’s sketchy in places. Next stop was Palpa. I had 2 near misses with trucks and the next day I took 3 minivans with the bike on the roof to skip a day of riding to Chala. Then on to La Florida and it was windy and cold today, 57ml. After reaching Camaná I head up to Arequipa, the route is safer with quite a bit of climbing. 1st day to El Pedregal, lots of hospedajes here, and made it to Gran hotel in Arequipa the next day. It’s cheap & near the main plaza. I’m having a few days rest here.

Downhill to Palpa
Long tunnel through the top.
On route to Palpa
Basilica catedral of Arequipa
Arequipa main plaza
On route to Arequipa
Lots of climbing from the coast to Arequipa

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