22.3.21. Bogotá to Puerto Boyacá

203ml Done over 5 days cycling. After riding out of the city with Nicolos showing me the way, I head for Zipaquirá. It’s only 33ml so I arrived early and booked into family haclans hotel for 2 nights as I want to visit the salt cathedral tomorrow. It’s a nice town with a nice town plaza and the catedral de sal is an underground Roman Catholic church built within the tunnels of a salt mine 200 metres underground in a halite mountain.

Cycle path on route to Zipaquirá
plaza principal in Zipaquirá
On the way down the tunnel to the catedral de sal
200m underground

The next day I make my way 52ml to La Vega. It’s a good day till I get to El Rosal and the heavy rain started, so it was on with the waterproofs and heaving up the 10ml climb up to 2,400m. When I started the decent down to La Vega I was cold and stopped for a hot coffee and the views were great. In la vega, most of the hotels had swimming pools but I managed to find one for £8.

The heavy rain starts in El Rosal
Beautiful views from the top of the climb.

Stunning views

Next day was 36ml to Gauduas. First 10ml was downhill then it was 16ml uphill. It was a tough climb and at the top, the traffic was stopped for line painting, they let me go through and I had the road all the way down to myself, 6ml of no traffic, bliss. I found a nice place to stay called abuela casa. Really nice place and I nearly stayed another day as the town was so nice.

Just before starting the climb
The plaza at Gaudaus

40ml the next day to La Dorada. First 8ml was uphill on a quiet road and then it was down for 6ml and mainly flat the rest of the way. Dorada was a busy town and I had a few beers in the plaza before bed in a noisy hotel.

On the way to Dorada

Next morning I recieved a reply from warm shower host’s, ilmer and Nancy. He said I could go to his finca, out in the countryside for the weekend if I liked so I got my head down and raced the 42ml as fast as I could as they were waiting for me. I had a great weekend and ilmer’s brother, Nelson, arrived and we went to a little bar to play Tejo. It was a great day and I will always remember that weekend as I also watched ilmer get honey from his bee hives in a proper bee keeping suit.
Ilmer said I could stay a while and so I decided to stay longer in Puerto Boyacá at llmer and Nancy’s house. They are very kind, ilmer teaches English and French and is studying Chinese, so I get lots of advice for learning Spanish. I even watch humming birds every morning in the garden while having breakfast.
I also met David, the street artist who I met 2 months ago in Carmen, He’s here drawing caracatures in the main plaza and we have a few beers in the evenings in our favourite bar teaching each other English and Spanish.

Racing across to Puerto Boyacá
Ilmer & Nancy
Learning about bees.

Having breakfast watching humming birds.

Catching the lancha across to Puerto Perales
Ilmer found a nest at the finca.
Macaws on the road to the finca
David the talented artist.

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