3.2.21. Cartagena to Santa Cruz de Mompoz.

169ml. This was done over 6 days. After 4 days spent in Cartagena I’m at last on the bike again. 1st day 44ml. was tough after the long layoff for 10months due to covid. 38° heat and called it a day at a roadside hotel at San Cayetano.

Assembled the bike at Cartagena airport and have a few days in a cheap room to explore.
Beautiful old town Cartagena
Hot and amazing Cartagena
On route to San Cayetano

4.2.21. Day 2, 33ml to Carmen de bolíva. Very hot again, decided to ease up a little, called it a day early due to the heat. Found a nice cheap hotel Vivrab near the town plaza and chilled out watching street artists in the square drawing.

Beautiful plaza of Carmen.

6.2.21. 30ml to San Pedro. After a day off in Carmen, I took an old road via El Salado & Canutalito. Couple of steep climbs on route up a concrete paved road and then after El salido, the route was unpaved but quiet. There had been a murder 2 wks previous with some landowner and there was a military presence around the village but everyone I came across was really friendly. It was a tough day again in the heat and I was glad to reach San Pedro central hotel.

Road to Canutalito

7.2.21. 26ml to Manangué. Wanted to try and make Mompós but the heat was getting to me and it would have been 65ml. So I found a cheap hotel here, big town on the river and and had a few beers.

Manangué sits on a nice river.
Roadside meal on route.

8.2.21. 36ml to Mompós. Steady day and what a beautiful town, I decide to take a day off again at the hostel casa Bella. A beautiful town and well worth a day off here.

On route to Mompós
Beautiful Mompós
Lots of beautiful plazas in Mompós
The scenic river path at Mompós