31.10.20. Puntarenas to Mercedes.

36ml. After a nice breakfast from George’s grandmother, me and George set off. He rides 8ml with me to show me the way to route 27 and we say goodbye. Then I exit from route 27 at Orotina for route 3 towards Atenas. On route is the 6ml climb, it starts ok but then it became tough, 16% grade on some bends so I had to get off and push a few times. I finally reach the restaurant at the top but there’s no views because of the cloud. What a shame. I even have to put my lights on because of the bad visibility. I arrived at Rigo’s house and he’s waiting on the street outside. Was I glad to get here! After chatting a while it was time to rest my weary head. Next morning after a fantastic breakfast, I haven’t had bacon for a long time, I take a day off and go to San Jose with Rigo on his motorbike and meet his brother Francesco and collect some homemade biscuits yummy. Then we got caught in a downpour on the way back, so we got a bit wet ha. Then Rigo made some homemade soup which was delicioso.

Great warm shower host, Rigoberto.
Bad visibility on the climb

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