31.10.20. Puntarenas to Mercedes.

36ml. After a nice breakfast from George’s grandmother, me and George set off. He rides 8ml with me to show me the way to route 27 and we say goodbye. Then I exit from route 27 at Orotina for route 3 towards Atenas. On route is the 6ml climb, it starts ok but then it became tough, 16% grade on some bends so I had to get off and push a few times. I finally reach the restaurant at the top but there’s no views because of the cloud. What a shame. I even have to put my lights on because of the bad visibility. I arrived at Rigo’s house and he’s waiting on the street outside. Was I glad to get here! After chatting a while it was time to rest my weary head. Next morning after a fantastic breakfast, I haven’t had bacon for a long time, I take a day off and go to San Jose with Rigo on his motorbike and meet his brother Francesco and collect some homemade biscuits yummy. Then we got caught in a downpour on the way back, so we got a bit wet ha. Then Rigo made some homemade soup which was delicioso.

Great warm shower host, Rigoberto.
Bad visibility on the climb

30.10.20. Nambi to Puntarenas.

60ml. After another great breakfast and cafĂ© especial de Heidi, I’m sad to say goodbye to such a nice family.

Sad farewell to great tico’s

An uneventful day, but pleasant ride to the ferry at Naranjo. Had to shelter on the way from a massive downpour of rain but apart from that, a great day, so I thought. I arrived at Puntarenas at 6.45pm and it was dark so I was really lucky to bump into 2 local cyclists at the lighthouse. One of them, George, spoke really good English which made things easy for me and I explained I was looking for a cheap room for the night due to an unfortunate event where I thought my bike had been stolen, ( I won’t go into detail here) but typical of Tico hospitality, he rang his mother and next thing, George, his friend and I are on route in the rain to his grandmother’s house who looks after a hospedaje next door and the owner allows me to stay there for the night, free of charge. I’m so glad due to it being 9.30pm and I’m wet through from the rain. Muchas gracias George.

Mi amigo George, A truly great kind human. I won’t forget you.
On route to Naranjo for the ferry
Bike loaded.