28.10.20 Liberia to Nambi.

42ml. I was sad to leave but after a beautiful breakfast and saying farewell to Hugo and Hazel I left for Hugo’s friends house, Heidy and Rafa. Flat most of the way today and I arrived early in the afternoon to a warm welcome from Hazel and Rafa.They make beautiful furniture from wood here and have a beautiful house on site of their buisiness. Heidy made me a coffee and it tasted so good, I drank a full pot, 5 cups. I hope I can sleep tonight. After a tasty dinner of spegetti, I will have a day off tomorrow and go with Rafa and Edwardo to an outdoor race track to watch Edwardo in a cycle race. 5.00am alarm and a great breakfast with Café especial de Heidy. Beautiful vistas on the way to the race circuit near San Jose with a stop off at padres de Rafa. What a beautiful house with a great big garden with beans, coffee, tobacco, bananas and more plants growing. More Great coffee and food from Rafa’s mum before arriving at the race track. After Edwardo’s race in the afternoon we head back and it’s been a long day but a really great experience and I really enjoyed it. Gracias Rafa, Heidy and family for your kindness and looking after me.

adiós Hugo
Heidy & Edwardo
Rafa, Heidy and English speaking niece.
Rafa’s parents beautiful garden
Beautiful spider in the garden
watching the circuit racing
Heidy and Rafa’s beautiful garden.

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