25.10.20 Balbo’s to Liberia.

After over 7 months waiting at the great Balbo’s restaurant, I got a reply from the WhatsApp cycling group CentroAme Ciclovíajeros, Héctor from Argentina passed me onto Hugo in Liberia with offer of accomodation and help with my route. So a last minute decision to leave a day early and I headed to a casa de Hugo. A great fun guy who’s passionate about cycling. Lots of medals around for endurance races he’s done. When I arrived, I was wet from the rain but after a shower I was welcomed as one of the family. A great cook and made me dinner but I had such great time trying to communicate in my bad Spanish and his English, I stayed an extra 2 nights. The following day he took me to work with him and I had beautiful views of Lake Nicaragua and volcanos, Miravalles and Tenorio, although I couldn’t see the summit for the cloud. Lots of rain up here at Upala and it was a good choice to have a day off from cycling. I had another day off and Hugo had friends close to my next stop over in Nicoya and he arranged for me to stay there tomorrow night. I feel so lucky and blessed to receive more kind hospitality. Muchas gracias Hugo. What a guy.

el gran cocinero Hugo
Pineapple plant
Hugo, amigo mío

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