15.3.20 Ometepe to Balbo’s.

57ml. Got up early to catch the 7.30am ferry. Got to the dock and boarded only for an over enthusiastic official to tell me I needed to pay the tax fee of less than £1 at the office. I had to take my bike off the boat and it left without me. The next ferry was 9am. I wanted the early start so I could reach Balbo’s at a decent time as my last border crossing took 2hrs. But the Costa Rican border was the quickest and easiest I’ve done since arriving in LA. On the way I stopped for a wee in the bushes, big big mistake. I can’t explain the feeling. I brushed some bush which releases miniscule hairs that make you itch. ITCH, I’ve never known anything like it. I couldn’t cycle it was so bad. I’d to keep stopping to itch every 5mins. Pouring water on my skin eased the urge to itch but as it was around 35° heat I soon ran out. Eventually it slowly relieved itself and I reached Balbo’s for a well well needed shower and wash them itchy clothes. I met Diego and family and they cooked me a nice meal and I had a few beers before retiring to the dorm for a well earned sleep with worn down finger nails from all the itching. The following day it was announced that the frontiers would close at midnight due to Corvid-19. No way I could reach Panama in a day so I spent another night at Balbo’s in order to decide what to do. Diego and his mother agreed I could stay as long as I wanted. I thought that the borders would open soon and I can wait here, thinking maybe a few weeks at most. After 114 days I’m still here. I find it hard to put into words, the kindness and hospitality I have received from Diego and his family. I’m hoping to sit it out until the borders reopen, as I want to reach Argentina. I’m so lucky that Balbo’s has a beautiful big garden full of fantastic nature to see every day. I’m well looked after here and accepted as one of the family. Hopefully this pandemic will end for everyone soon.


They bought me a cake and made my birthday really special, Cheers.

Diego found a beautiful turtle in the garden one day.

Lot’s of colourful birds and parakeet’s in the fruit trees around the garden


Lot’s of iguanas in the garden




Crocodile in the river below Balbo’s

2 thoughts on “15.3.20 Ometepe to Balbo’s.

  1. Your the kind of bloke that people can trust so Diego and family will see that. I have known you most of my life Ivan so I think I speak from experience don’t you. New Zealand is a welcoming place as well Costa Rica? The sun certainly shines on you Ivan

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