26.2.20. Cuyamelito to Choluteca.

301ml. This was done over 7days riding. Day 1- 66ml. Well after camping in the garden and repairing the puncture last night I ride to Cuyamel but the ATM didn’t accept my card so I got to Omoa and the petrol station had a ATM that worked with my card so I celebrated with a coffee and milky way. Not a good highway to San Pedro Sula but I find a cheap hotel in the center and decide to have a day off. It’s supposed to be a dodgy place to stay with a high crime rate but it was ok. I didn’t go out at night and it was an ok city, but all the shops had armed guards which is a familiar sight now and one cafe I went in had a sign on the door which was scary.

Day 2. 43ml. To Santa Cruz de Yojoa. After my day off the rain was falling but I put on my waterproofs and hit the road. Another puncture with the thin wire from truck tyres. I eventually reach a hotel and decide to call it a day but after checking in, he comes back with the TV remote and asks why I’m leaving at 6.30pm. Its only a love hotel, so I pack my gear and leave as you have to pay by the hour which makes it really expensive. I have to head off the highway to the next town. After a climb up I again get a hotel which cost too much. Just before I get to the town and I come to estacion bomberos. I ask if I can stay and they gladly say yes and let me sleep in the fire station canteen. Great guys and really friendly. The rain is relentless all night and the next day so I stay another night.

Day 3. 45ml to Siguatepeque. After saying goodbye I head back to the highway and it’s a bit chilly and grey to start but then after dinner it got hot again. It’s uphill most of the way and great views along lake Yojoa. I arrive at a nice town and check into a nice hotel San Carlos.

Day 4. 34ml to Villa de San Antonio. Lot of climbing again today but arrive at a warm shower host, Tulio, a great guy who speaks good English. I meet him in the central park, which is a beautiful little spot and locals are singing and playing music. Great little town and the nicest town square I’ve seen for a while.

Day 5. 45ml to Conception de Oriente. More climbing today along the beautiful and quiet Canal Seco route. Very hot and I call into a village called Caridad but after the municipality trying to find someone to let me stay there was no joy so I headed to the next town Aramecina. On the way a saw a sign se vende cuarto, which I thought meant room, but it said cuajada, which means we sell cheese. Anyway after my broken Spanish he gave me a room to sleep in for £2.20 and the family let me shower and fed me. Really overwhelmed.

Day 6. 40ml to Jicaro galan. Steady day mostly flat today. After leaving the Canal Seco route and hitting the highway where it splits for El Salvador, I stop and change my chain as I’ve plenty of time. I’m heading to another warm shower host tonight but he’s not home till 4pm. I soon have a crowd gathered to watch me replace the chain but they’re all nice and ask many questions and I answer best I can with my shit Spanish. I meet a french cyclist coming the other way just before getting to Juan’s house and he’s also staying there but thinks it’s in the next town as the location is wrong on the warm shower app. Anyway we arrive and receive a warm welcome from Juan who speaks good English. A nice and kind host and we sleep outside in the garage area but was a bad nights sleep due to the ants and mozzies.

Day 7. 28ml. To Choluteca. After goodbye to Kevin the young french cyclist and Juan, I head to the Nicaraguan border. It’s really hot again and due to the intense heat and possibly no where to stay near the border l find a cheap hotel and have an easy day. Honduras was nice and again was full of nice people. I would like to come back and see more one day.

Caridad town square

Along Canal Seco

Canal Seco

The local musicians and singers in San Antonio square

The beautiful church in the town of villa de San Antonio

Great views following lake Yojoa

Staying with the bomberos at Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Sign on cafe door at San Pedro

The beautiful green Honduras





1 thought on “26.2.20. Cuyamelito to Choluteca.

  1. How lucky are you to stumble over a fire station who looked after you ? .
    Now you have time to build a spare bike because this lockdown situation isn’t going to end soon Ivan.

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