18.2.20. Benque Viejo to Hotel Reinita

267ml. Done in 5 days cycling. This part of Guatemala was nice. There’s a lot to see in this beautiful country like lake Atitlán and Antigua further down but there’s quite a lot of tourists there and I prefer the quiet and for me, I think that you get a better experience with locals and culture away from the tourist hubs. Also less expensive ha.
Day 1, I ride to Yaxla national park. The road to the park is 11km from the highway and in terrible condition but after paying for the ticket, you can stay as many days as you like and camp for free on the side of lake Yaxhá. A beautiful quiet place with pyramids. Cheaper and quieter than the site at Tikal. After packing my tent away I go 47ml to Flores. A beautiful little town on an island, and I stay in a cheap hostel for the night. A beautiful place to look around and in the morning I leave early for Poptun, not knowing I’ve left my passport on the bed.
I ride 62ml to warm shower hosts Annie and Serge. Annie is German but teaches English and she asked if I could go to the school and talk English to the students. I arrive at the school and enjoy telling my story to the students. Then it’s raining the next day so they kindly let me take a day off and I go and watch Serge play basketball in the evening. After goodbyes the next day I ride 66ml to Rio dulce. I find a hostel called Bruno and they ask for my passport at check in. This is when I panick as I can’t find it anywhere. I ask Annie to ring Flores hostel because I can’t speak Spanish too well and they don’t speak English. Phew they have it and luckily Serge is working in Flores so he picks up my passport and now I only have to get the bus back to Poptun. I have to take another day off and it’s 7pm when I get back to the hostel after having to catch 3 different buses back. After breakfast and packing up I go 62ml just through the border into Honduras. Easiest border crossing yet, thinking I’d been clever spending all my Guatamala money, it all starts to go pear shaped. I soon discover I’ve got a slow puncture and there’s no ATM in the border town. I pump the tyre and arrive at a hotel in the middle of nowhere on the main route, hoping they accept card payment but no. It’s starting to go dark so I ask to camp in the garden and she says yes no problem. Phew more nice kind people.
I liked Guatemala, same as before, you hear stories about it being dangerous but I experienced nothing but kindness off people.

With the students at Annie’s school

Beautiful sundown camping at Yaxla national park

Yaxla pyramid

Beautiful Flores

Great scenery great photo taken by Annie

Annie, warm shower host and English teacher from Poptun

Road to Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce

2 thoughts on “18.2.20. Benque Viejo to Hotel Reinita

  1. Same as you left New Zealand Ivan you printed out the ferry ticket to Korea and left it on our table . I put it down to your age bud . Late 50 s . It’s still hot in N Z air conditioner on at 10 pm . Kathy and I are off to Cyprus and Sicily in June are you home in June we need somewhere to stay ?

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