13.2.20. Bacalar to Benque Viejo.

188mls. Done over 5 days. I was hopping between the families that give support for overnight stay in Belize. It’s a great support network for cyclists, called CentroAme Cicloviajeros, and is for all of central America. Just like the RACmx group in Mexico. 1st night after crossing through the border into Belize, I stayed at Elden’s house who lives in Carolina, just outside the town of Corozal. Most people speak English in Belize and another language, a mixture of Spanish and English called Creole. It’s mainly flat on the route I took but I had wind every day in the hot humid weather. Next day I had a look around Orange walk town before arriving at Rigo’s family house in Carmelita where I camped in the garden. A great kind family who made great homemade pizza and a great breakfast. Next day I called at Crooked tree wildlife sanctuary and looked around. There’s a beautiful lagoon and it’s very laid back, quiet and beautiful. I would have camped there if I hadn’t arranged to arrive at my next host, Rackel, in Biscayne. But I had no internet to contact her so I made my way there and camped in the garden. Again a lovely evening meal and breakfast. My next day was down to Monkey bay national park. I only called in for route info from Matt, a friend of Jerry’s, but he was so kind in offering me dinner and taking me on a late afternoon canoeing trip to spot crocodiles at night. A great adventure and all for free. I camped on a platform in the beautiful garden of the Monkey bay resort. I really great place. The next day I stayed in the border town of Benque Viejo with another kind host called Gonzola and had a bed for the night. A big house on the side of the river and again a really nice host. Belize was a beautiful place with nice kind people.

Benque Viejo

A beautiful fan Palm at the beautiful Monkey bay national park

San Ignacio.

Camping at Monkey bay resort and national park

Beautiful sundown on the lagoon canoeing with Matt and the Monkey bay resort.

Rigo and his family, my kind warm shower hosts.

Leaving Orange walk town

Over the border to beautiful Belize

3 thoughts on “13.2.20. Bacalar to Benque Viejo.

  1. You have been lucky with your warm shower hoists little one.
    Sounds like people know you are a genuine person and you wouldn’t take anyone’s belongings. That bloke that offered you his bike shop and gave you a job on the beach , And that bloke who shouted you a week in a air b&b he’s a nice bloke as well.

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