33ml. A steady ride back to Julio’s family house to stay for a week and try and learn some Spanish. I took the quiet roads as I had plenty of time and missed out the highways. A warm welcome back at Julio’s and this gives me an opportunity to try and improve my Spanish and also put in some great photos of the pyramids and MTB mountain Teotihaucan bike club ride.

Julio and his lovely kind family.

Julio guiding us around the trail’s.

With the gang, MTB mountain Teotihaucan bike. Great set of keen cyclists.

Beautiful San Martin Iglesia in town

Road into Teotihaucan

Pyramid of the sun

View of the a avenue of the dead and the pyramid of the sun.

Pyramid of the moon

Pyramid of the feathered serpent



242ml. This was done over 5 days.

Day 1, 59 ml. Salamanca to Queretaro. Very busy on the highway today. No replys through the day from warm shower host’s so I end up booking into jirafa roja hostel. I tried also at the fire station and was refused there too. Nice town with an amazing aquaduct. Turned really cold in the evening.

Day 2- 49ml. To El Cazadero. Really cold start today, gloves, Bob hat, and 3 layers of clothes. Lot of climbing and called into a small town to look for a hotel as it was so cold but there wasn’t one. I was about to camp on the outskirts of town when I met a man who spoke English and he asked the town governor who let me stay in the municipal hall as he said it would be safer and warmer than outside. What a relief. I was freezing.

Day 3 – 68ml to Tequixquiac. Took a back road today to miss the highway and after 8ml it turned into cobbles, dirt and gravel. Wasn’t good and slow going. I arrived at Maravillas and was going to change route but met Laura who assured me the road was now sealed and good. So I set off to Michinaloya then Tula to get to my warm shower host at Tequixquiac. Daniel was a great guy who had walked for 5years all the way to south America. He introduced me to his friend Marlon who put me up for the night as Daniel’s home was crowded and noisy. Marlon was a great guy and spoke English and it was a peaceful night.

Day 4 – 33ml to San Martin. Steady day after having coffee in town with Daniel before I left. I made my way to San Martin de las pyramids and my warm shower host Julio. When I arrived, Jeff from Oz was still here so that was good for conversation and Julio was a fantastic host. After a nice evening meal and goodbye to Jeff in the morning, Julio drops me off at the pyramids so I can look around. The pyramid of the sun is the 3rd biggest pyramid in the world. A fantastic site with fascinating history. I stay another day and go out with Julio and mountain Teotihaucan bike club for a ride all day. A great change to be off road most of the day on a MTB. Thanks Julio.

Day 5 – 33ml to Mexico city. Easier than I thought riding into the historic center right in the heart of the city. I arrived at my airb&b for a 6days off treat for myself as it’s Christmas. A great stay over and a fascinating and beautiful city.

Mexico catedral

Mexico city

Pyramid of the sun

On the way to San Martin

Road to San Martin

Road to Tequixquiac

The fantastic aquaduct at Queretaro