1.12.19. Mazatlan to Guadalahaja

318ml. This was done over 6 days.

Day 1- 57ml to Escuinapa. After a day off in Mazatlan and sharing the cost of a room with Jeff, a cyclist from the states who speaks fluent Spanish and a great guy, I go down route 15 via El Rosario. It’s a very hot day but mainly flat. I ask the group RACmx if there’s anywhere to safe to stay and they suggest the fire station so I head there and camp in the yard next to where the firemen are. They work 24hr shifts in turn here and are on low pay but are a great group and very kind.

At the fire station

Saying goodbye to Jeff at Mazatlan

Beautiful church at El Rosario





















Day 2 – 80ml. Another flat day on the road, very hot but I take the 15D toll road as it’s a lot safer with the big shoulder to ride on. I catch up with Helene and Aymeric the French couple and Aussie Jeff at Ruiz and stay at the same hotel in the center of town. 

Day 3 – 43ml. I set off with the gang and it soon starts to get hilly. We take the old road shortly after the rest station on the 15D. It’s a very quiet road and scenic too. Jeff comes past in a pick up truck with his bike on the back so I meet him at a hotel in Tepic where we all stay for the night.

Day 4 – 45ml. Staying on the 15D and another hilly day I make it to a small old town called Jala. A beautiful town square and I meet the mayor who lets me sleep inside the theatre. Very nice and kind people in the town and great street food around the square in the evening.

Day 5 – 42ml to Magdalena. Another hilly day but I’m at a warm shower hosts tonight. He isn’t home until 6pm so I take my time today visit the town square in Magdalena and the French couple Helene and Aymeric are there. They are also staying at the warm shower house. We meet Juan and he makes us a delicious evening meal and a great breakfast in the morning.

Day 6 – 51ml to Guadalajara. Well I visit Tequila with the French couple. A nice town with tequila distilleries dotted around and lots of the beautiful blue Algave plants fill the fields all around this area. The main ingredient for making tequila. On my way to Guadalajara I get a puncture and the French couple turn up just as I start to change the tube and they give me a hand as I now fit a new tyre because the old one has started to break up leaving the metal strands that reinforce the tyre, coming out of the rubber which was the reason for the puncture. We say goodbye and arrange to meet up for a drink in Guaralajara as we’re both having a few days off here. I arrive at my warm shower host and receive a warm welcome from Nicole who is the sister of Alexis, the host who is away in Germany. Nicole is very nice and tells me I can stay as long as I want and gives me a spare set of keys to come and go as I please. I end up staying a week and even Jeff turns up here and stays for 2days. Fantastic city here and loved it here.

A beautiful gorge on the outskirts of Guadalahaja

Even managed 2 nights watching wrestling

On the precinct in town

Such a beautiful city. Guadalajara has so many sites to see.

Guadalajara catedral

One of many fields of blue Algave

Tequila distillery in town

Helene and Aymeric

Beautiful town square in Magdalena

Jala theatre where I stay the night.

Riding into Jala







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