28.11.19. La Paz to Mazatlan

15ml. After a long stay at Tuly’s warm shower host in la Paz I’m on the ferry today and there’s also 5 other cyclists who stayed at Tuly’s on the same boat. A Swedish cyclist, Noel, couldn’t get a ticket at the office in town for the 28th as they said it was full but he tried his luck at the counter in the port and got a place on the same ferry. It’s an 18hr crossing and you are allocated a seat in front of a TV screen which plays a stream of movies. You also get 2 meals which were good. In the night you have to sleep in the reclining chair or if you’re lucky enough, you can lay on the floor if you find a free space. 6pm departure and arrived in Mazatlan about 11.30am.i decided to stay a couple of nights there and look around the town which had a beautiful old town area with lots of great cheap food.

Nice sundown view from the Mazatlan Malacon.

Beautiful church next to the old town square

Approaching mainland Mexico

Ferry port at Pichilingue



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