5.11.19. El Burro to La Paz.

292ml. This was done over 7days and wild camping every night till la Paz. Long stretches between towns of which the longest was 40ml which doesn’t seem long but in the heat of the day, you soon run out of water. But it’s steady away and the camping is nice and quiet if you get far enough away from the highway. Only thing is that there’s lots of cactus spikes all over the floor off road so you have to choose your spot to camp carefully so your air mattress doesn’t develop a leak and be sure to check the tyres for spikes before riding in the morning. We met Joel at Ciudad Constitucion, a warm shower host and we camped at the RV park where we met him and he took us to recharge our data package at Telsel and treated us to good coffee and taco’s for breakfast before leaving. Muchos gracias Joel, a true gentleman. We also camped at San Augustin restaurant, the night before reaching la paz. A small restaurant in the middle of nowhere with a great big garden. A nice family run this place and let us camp in the garden. So more of the same along the road to la Paz with a few big hills thrown in. We arrive at Tuly’s house, a fantastic warm shower host who has hosted 500 cyclists. This kind and warm hearted lady really is a legend. It’s because of people like Tuly, that I keep going. So kind and inspirational for me and a pleasure to meet. Thanks so much Tuly.

Giogio, Tuly, and non Chen, great people in la Paz.

Joel, a great and kind person from Constitucion. Thanks Joel

Tuly, a living legend.

View from the Malacon

The pretty Malecon la Paz

The beautiful la Paz Malecon

Great sunrise

Be careful going to the toilet at night.

1 of many tarantula spiders I saw on the way to la Paz

A beautiful view of a golf course at the top of a long climb

A rare green landscape area on route. Mulege

Lots of vultures through the desert.


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