27.10.19. Tres Alexandros to San Ignacio

167ml. Another 4days. 1st night we camped next to a police station in a really small place but it was really noisy from the trucks on the highway and dogs barking, cows mooing and cocks crowing lol, oh and even horses neying. Next day we got to Sara, a warm shower host in Guerrero Negro and camped in the garden. It was a little cooler on this day so we cycled out to a lighthouse on the coast on a diet road but it was worth it to chill in the beautiful quiet location and eat some dinner. Another wild camp the following day after the big town of Alvarado Aramburo and stocking up on food/water. Then we got really bad northern cross wind again and the last 10ml to San Ignacio and the nice casa del cyclista, was quite hard going and we was glad to arrive. It was such a much chilled out spot that we took another day off and did some laundry here.

The great Casa del cyclista, San Ignacio

More dusty roadworks

Quiet off road desert wildcamp.

Road to La Paz

Lighthouse at Guerrero negro


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