20.10.19. Santa Maria to Tres Alexandros

208ml. More of the same following highway 1. Mainly wild camping in the desert off the main highway. We was looking for a sheltered spot on a diet road to shelter from the wind and David stopped with his wife and offered us a cold beer, which went down without touching the sides in the desert heat. The conversation then led to him offering accomodation at his remote house on the coast 15miles away. We gratefully accepted and also had a day off. He was a great character, very funny and also very kind, making me and Nikki meals and sharing wine over the table sharing great stories. I was sad to leave the beautiful place he had but he drove us all the way back to the main highway and said a heartfelt goodbye to them both.

Good lad David taking me and Nikki back to the highway

David and Margie

View from the beautiful deserted bay at David’s

Dirt road to David’s isolated house

Long stretches now between habited towns and villages.

Wild camping every night in the desert now due to long stretches with no camping


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