1.11.19 San Ignacio to El Burro.

98ml. Contacted James who we met at a rest station on route and headed to playa del Burro. It took longer than expected due to a long 40km false flat and more bad wind along the way. Called in at Rosalia, which was a lovely town. Had a puncture, my 1st in 7,000ml so I can’t complain. Me and Nikki had delicious taco de carne in town and chatted to some Canadians, 1 of which was a lad originally from Nottingham, they were on a road trip filming all the way. Found a nice camp spot as we got our 1st glimpse of the Sea of Cortez. The next day we reached James house at El Burro and had another day off as it was so nice there and James made a great tasting cup of coffee.

Beautiful camping at El Burro at James place

Great taco de carne at Santa Rosalia

The road to the Sea of Cortez

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