15.10.19. San Diego to Rosarito

38ml. Nikki, who a met at Steven’s, is riding to Argentina like me so we decide to ride together if our pace is similar. Steven takes us 20ml to the border on quiet back roads and bike paths which is fantastic. We say our goodbye’s and thank him for being such a generous host, then through the border we go into Mexico. We have to pay $29 for a tourist ticket valid for 6 month’s as we will be heading into the mainland Mexico after the Baja peninsula. No hassles and straight through the border after filling in a form then we head to Rosarito down the route 1 which is rather busy on stretches so we are glad to arrive. We buy a Mexican SIM card each and head to a warm shower host who Nikki contacted earlier and camp in the garden. In the evening we go out for our 1st Mexican food, taco’s and they are delicious and washed down with a beer and nice sweet pastry for desert. Hola Mexico.

On route south.

Camping in Ix chel’s garden, a lovely kind host who gave us lots of info.

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