8.9.19. Busan to Mokpo.

244ml. This was done over 6 days.

Day 1, 28ml to Pungho-dong. Set off with Paul from Scarborough who I met briefly in Japan and was in Busan at the same time. I stayed in Busan at the grand motel for 4nights and Janneka and Darna was also there for 3nights, so it was great to have company while I was there. Did some shopping, bike maintenance and was treated to meals out by the very kind and grateful ladies for doing some maintenance on their bikes. We said goodbye and later me and Paul set off in the rain.The day wasn’t enjoyable as we were riding on a busy highway to get out of town and ended up coming to a road we wasn’t allowed on so had to go over the wall and down an embankment to carry on and save going back a long way. We found a park just off the road at Pungho-dong to camp for the night. 

Day 2. 46ml to Munsan-eup. Tried to find quiet roads off the highway but seemed to have to go back on the busy highway for stretches. We stopped to look at the phone for navigation when a driver came over to us and offered to show us a cycle path to the next town and buy us a meal. A nice chap who spoke a little English and great timing as we entered the restaurant, the heavens opened for a massive downpour which we missed. We arrived at Munsan at the end of the cycle path and found a little camp spot next to a sports ground.

Day 3. 36ml to Gosa-ri. We reached the Seomjin river bike path today. This was great riding with no cars. Very scenic and found a nice camp spot on a small park with a toilet with power for charging our devices. Happy days.

Nice shelter to camp under.

Nice view

Great scenery today





Day 4. 43ml to Saseok-ri. Great day on the river path all day and pulled off for some shopping food supplies at Gwangju. Great cakes at Paris baguette next to the mart that me and Paul got food supplies. Paul eats really healthy and puts me to shame ha.

A snake crossing our path.





Scenic bike path




Day 5. 52ml to Seungchon. Much of the same today, great river path following the blue line, nice scenery and a nice shelter to camp under. It’s also cooled down today and dull sky’s which was great. A change from hot and humid.






Day 6. 39ml to Mokpo. After a good night’s sleep due to the cool night, me and Paul set off for the port of Mokpo. A steady day and spend the night in a Jimjilbang, a kind of 24hr bath house/sauna where you can relax and sleep over in communal areas. It’s ok but for the snoring ha.

Paul from Scarborough. Been travelling for 16month

Oops wrong road


China town in Busan





Darna and Janneka having a great meal.


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