15.7.19. Shirogane to Kamikawa.

56ml. I missed out the days from Yamabe as I did this earlier in the trip and it’s a repeat of earlier posts in the other direction. I came back to Furano and Biei to see the flowers in full bloom which I was too early for last time, and wow, am I glad. It was beautiful. I left the campsite at Shirogane with Mel from Canada and Anna from Austria went solo in a different direction. We rode a really nice river path from Nagayama to Kamikawa and stopped short of Sounkyo, due to the rain starting. We stayed at the side of a baseball ground with a toilet there and just camped under some trees. Went to 7/11 for wine and had a nice meal, which Mel cooked of veg and rice and a good chinwag with the wine.

Campsite at Kamifurano with Mel, Anna, and the Dutch ladies, Janneka and Darna. World travellers from Holland

Beautiful lavender farm.

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