10.7.19. Tsurui to Ashoro.

59ml. After leaving campsite I’m straight onto R1093 to lake Akan. 1st 10mile is asphalt then it turns to gravel for 10ml. It rises to 400m and I had to push in one stretch due to the loose surface and back wheel spinning. Down into the village on the shore of lake Akan and it’s beautiful. The Lake Akan Ainu Kotan is an Ainu kotan (settlement) inhabited by about 120 people in 36 residences. As a point of production and sale of traditional crafts which are among Hokkaido’s best-known souvenirs. It’s fascinating and I was here a long time looking at the souvenir shops. There’s also a theatre where dancing and singing ceremony takes place. This makes me late and still 40ml to go. I arrive at Ashoro just before dark and the campsite is closed but I go in anyway. It’s empty and I pitch my tent hoping I leave early before anyone comes and tells me off ha.

Ainu village

Fantastic souvenir shops

Ainu visitor center

Lake Akan

Nice view from the top of the gravel road

Gravel road to lake Akan

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