8.7.19. Cape Kiritappu to Tsurui.

71ml.  A few days off at the Cape due to having vertigo again and feeling dizzy. Had a great time. On Sunday it was the fish festival and the night before I was invited to join a group of Japanese friends who gave me food and drink. I can’t remember their names but great people, I even met the mayor and was given crab and oysters. There was a crab speed eating contest at the fish festival which was really good to watch and a young woman won. Everyone there was given a free pass for the onsen neat the campground.

Lovely group who made me feel at home.

Crab speed eating contest at the fish festival

Cape Azechi just past the onsen near Cape Kiritappu campsite.



I did this route over 2 days due to the late start, so I rode 26ml to Akkeshi 1st, a great site for ¥210 and from there the next day I took the R14 up to the R1128 and then some unnumbered quiet roads over to lake Toro. I was heading to lake Akan today but after visiting the fantastic shibecha museum, opposite the lake Toro visitor center about the wetlands history and wildlife, I only have enough time to get to Tsurui, the 2nd time I’ve stayed here now. Oh and I passed a viewing observatory for one of the wetlands views so I climbed the steps for a few photos.

One of the many great views of Kushiro wetlands

Some exhibits at shibecha museum

Shibecha museum

Lake Toro

Akkeshi campsite

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