4.7.19. Kombumori camping to Cape Kiritappu.

52ml.After brekki I follow the coast route 142 and after 17ml I reach route 44 and there’s a 7/11 on the junction so it’s coffee time. When I reach Akkeshi, I do a little food shopping and decide to take the coast route to Hamanaka, Even though the highway looks the easier route. I arrive at Cape Kiritappu after 6pm and it’s cold but luckily there’s an indoor cooking facility open till 8pm so I cook some pasta for tea in the warm out of the wind instead of making my intended sandwich. I’ve been getting dizzy spells in the morning last few days and it seems my vertigo has come back from when I was in NZ, so I’m looking at having a day off tomorrow or even the weekend as there’s also a hot springs within 2miles. Nice to have a soak and good wash ha.

Cape Kiritappu campsite

Lots of these signs near the coast

Lake Hichirippu inlet on the way

2 thoughts on “4.7.19. Kombumori camping to Cape Kiritappu.

  1. Sorry to hear your vertigo is back, it is very disabilitating, so have a nice warm soak, and hope you feeling better soon.love Mum

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