3.7.19. Tsurui to R142 campsite.

36ml. The hot sun wakes me up making the tent like a greenhouse. 6am so I make a coffee and have some cornflakes. After nagging to a Czech couple who are touring here for a year I set off quite late hoping to make a campsite 110kms away. On the way I call into a visitor center for the marsh/wetlands of Kottaro. I get some WiFi here and discover there’s an immigration office in Kushiro where I’m not too far off route, so I decide to go there to see if I can extend my visa. The stress of rushing to fukuoka for the 28th and doing 100km days wasn’t a pleasant thought, ok I could have got a ferry to make up time but I like the idea of more time on Hokkaido and not rushing. After 40mins and luckily a nice man in immigration who spoke English, I’m now ok for another 90days. With this new situation I change direction and head towards Nemuro and make it to a campsite 12ml past Kushiro on route 142.

R142 campsite perched above the Pacific coastline.

Most covering the Pacific Ocean, view from the campsite

Leaving Kushiro

Drying my gear in the nice sun at Tsurui campsite.

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