2.7.19. Teshikaga to Tsurui

25ml. At least the temperature is up lol. Rain  all day again. I’m heading towards Kushiro and sheltering at mo on free WiFi outside a seicomart at Tsurui. Just took my waterproof off because it looked like a break in the cloud and my weather app said no rain. 5mins later it’s coming down again ha. I was told no rain on Hokkaido in june. It’s now July and the weather is so unpredictable. An uneventful day so far. Just been to look at the free campground here and it’s quite nice on the river with a stage there and free WiFi. There’s quite a few there as well which I’ve noticed last couple of nights so maybe it’s the start of the holidays here. May be stopping here if the rain doesn’t stop. Well by the time the rain stops and the sky towards my intended direction to Kushiro looks black, I’m staying here. It’s 16.40 and not worth the risk of a downpour for the sake of pushing on 20ml.


Shelter at seicomart in Tsurui

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