1.7.19. Omagari to Teshikaga.

48ml. Left bright and early this morning and after a short while I was on a 650m climb up Mt Mokotoyama and the full waterproof gear came out. Couldn’t see any views which was a shame, for the low cloud. Got to the top and a great viewing area of lake Kussharu but was dull and cloudy so not a great view. I was making for the campsite here but after all the rain I decided to head for a rider house about the same distance away. I was cold and couldn’t feel my fingers in my right hand. I arrived at a rest station at Teshikaga and met a family of 4 on great bikes, from Switzerland. I chatted for a while and decided to camp in the nearby park with an onsen round the corner. The Swiss family were also getting warm and had the same plan to camp in the park. Luckily my tent fit under the shelter in the park so I could keep out of the rain and have a dry tent in the morning. After pitching the tent it was off to the onsen, ¥400, and felt great and warmed up after. Then it was curry and rice and a cup of tea before bed.

The amazing Swiss family, travelling now for 9months.

Sumo museum at Kawayu

Lake Kussharu from the view point. Shame about the cloud

Mt Mokotoyama started to get cloud cover.

Looking down at Abashiri Quasi national park

Passing an ostrich farm on the way.

Mt Mokotoyama in the distance.

5 thoughts on “1.7.19. Omagari to Teshikaga.

  1. Not sure if you look at your email ? Hope your not to Alone out there you know there is always a spare bedroom for you in New Zealand

  2. Great family shot above.
    Tony is in sad Burnley where sad people live and manage to survive. Kathy and I are off to Hong Kong she has a business opportunity and buying a container to ship back here tomorrow. It’s winter here but never gets below zero. How long are you in Hokkaido? And are you still catching the ferry over to Seoul ?

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