41ml. Left campsite and decided to take a gravel road short cut to Lake Mavora road. After lots of climbing but a very quiet road I came to a gateway, no access, private property, you are under surveillance. Oh no, if I go all way back I won’t make lake movara campground. I ask a lad on a tractor, tell him my predicament and he says go back. I’m just having a sandwich when a pickup comes through the gate. I flag him down and ask if he’s the farmer. No he says I’m a fisherman, well you just came through I say. Well I ring the station manager for permission. So he gives me the number and I ring, tell him I’m just an old man on a bike who’s dropped a bollock. He gives me permission. Phew. I make beautiful lake Mavora for camping and met an American called Mike who’s also touring on a Surly.

Scenic quiet gravel road.

Beautiful Lake Mavora.

Camping lake Mavora

Lake Mavora gravel road.


Day off to go on the trip to Milford sound. A fantastic day and the bus ride with the very informative driver was just as good as the boat ride. Just my pick of the photos as there’s too many great shots.

Beautiful Milford sound

Fantastic views from the boat.

Early start on the bus.



18ml. Had to leave the fantastic campsite as I’d booked a trip to Milford sound from Te Anau. Took the very scenic bike track along lakes Manapouri and The Anau. Booked into a very busy and noisy campground.

Beautiful bike trail to Te Anau.


41ml. Wet start to the day and was cold in the tent last night. Rained all night. Fined up again later and was a good day on quiet roads. Great campsite on side of the lake and the owner, she must have been in her 70’s, was very witty. Lots of old Morris cars on the site. Her sons hobby.

Old Morris minors on the campground.

View from campsite

Nosey Al paca



20ml.Woke up expecting heavy rain but it fined up and the sun came out so I packed up and set off. 20mins later and a full on head wind and all waterproofs on. Sheltered in a garage due to the heavy rain and the owner and I had a good old chin wag. I set off again in the rain as I didn’t think it would stop and called it a day at Clifden suspension bridge campsite.

Clifden suspension bridge.



32ml. Left Tim UK cyclist at campsite as he developed a bad back and wanted to rest it. Wanted to make Clifden but had 2 punctures and the wind was bad. 1 of the punctures was caused by a burr on the rim where it joins together, so I had to file it down and put a rubber patch over just to be on the safe side. Made it to lovely little campsite 20ml short of Clifden.