1.2.19 Day 1. Molesworth muster trail. Taumarina to wild camp

42ml. After breakfast at Rene’s, I head to Blenheim and take Taylorpass rd. This is gravel but cuts out a corner and the main highway to the Molesworth. I head with speed through a ford in the bottom of a dip. Big mistake, the concrete under the water is like ice. I’m down and suffer abrasions down my right side. After checking myself and the bike and mopping the blood up I carry on. I’m in pain and think I’ve torn or strained my groin muscle on the right side. I can pedal but find it hard to get on and off the bike and stop putting my right foot down. Anyway I manage 60km and ask a farmer if I can tent in his field and he lets me. I also meet a Hungarian lorry driver, Josef, who is touring on the bike like me and he catches me up and also stays in the field in his tent. I hope a night’s rest will make the leg better.

Great scenery all day.

On the Molesworth.

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