Orangihikoia to wild camp. 20.12.18.

38ml. I wake, the rain is relentless so I have to shelter until 11.30 before setting off. I stopped to dry the tent out when the sun appeared later in the day. I had now reached Lake Waikaremoana and the scenery was stunning. My progress was slow on the gravel road and I fell off a few times due to loose road surface combined with bad cambers on the bends. My own fault for not pushing the bike on these bad bends but there was no damage to me or the bike due to the low speed. Got a rear wheel puncture but was going again in 15mins after a quick change of tube. After running alongside the lake and the beautiful views for a long way, the road turned back to asphalt, I sheltered in a barn due to a heavy downpour. I waited for a couple of hours for the rain to stop but there was no easing of the downpour, 10ml short of my camping area I walked to the farmhouse to ask permission to sleep in the barn and the farmer said no worries. He made me laugh as I walked away, he told the dog off and told it to wash it’s ears out because it never alerted him to my presence ha.

Beautiful lake Waikaremoana

Beautiful lake Waikaremoana

Camping in a barn

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