Katikati to Tauranga. 14.12.18.

32ml. Have no other option than state highway 2. I kept skirting off into the old road but you had to rejoin due to the old road heading into a different direction. Very busy and not a lot of shoulder, in fact the shoulder disappears on the bridges. Not nice on the highways as most seem to be speeding and don’t give you much space when passing, even if nothing is coming the other way. I arrived in Tauranga via Bethlehem to miss out the busy road into town. I arrived at my warm shower host’s for the night, Helen and Phillip and received a warm welcome and was treated as family, as all the host’s have acted in NZ, and had a day off to go up Mt Maunganui. Phillip had already done a 60km ride by the time I surfaced that morning ha. Kids were also great and their manner towards me was as if I was an old friend. So blessed to experience friendly and trusting host’s.

View from Mt Maunganui


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