Hopa to Batumi. 15.10.18.

25ml. Steady day but was really dangerous approaching the border. All the trucks are queued up in the slow lane in the tunnels near the border and other vehicles are racing through at great speed in the lane we are trying to pass the stationary trucks. This was a sign of a big change to come on the roads. Driving is chaotic and fast. Speeding by everybody, horn’s constantly sounding, and close overtaking. On approach to Batumi, Auke and Hilgiem were in front and a car swerved at speed towards them. I thought it was going to be another terrorist attack, like one in Tajekistan not long ago. Then he swerved back. As he came past he was laughing like it’s a big joke. Dogs are also very aggressive here and chase as if they are going to attack. If you stop they turn away but if there’s a pack you have to stop and shout aggressive at them or they keep on coming. Hike in prices also here for food and accommodation.

The Black sea and into Georgia.

Batumi center.

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