Novi pazar to Leshak 17.7.18

50miles. Eventful day, followed mapsme up a 10ml mountain towards Peje. 2 hrs later I’m heading down and the road folks ontian even shitter dirt road. I pass a house with a flag flying outside and wave to the man outside. Little did I know this is the kosovan border. Next thing a Jeep comes and tells me to follow him. We go back to the house and he rants passport, he takes me in a room and we can’t understand each other. He’s fuming. He goes and gets someone who luckily speaks English. I have to turn back this is not a crossing you can use. Ffs, all the way back to Novi pazar and start again. Now it’s raining ha. Just my luck. I end up having to go to Raska then through the border heading for mittovice. I only get about 10miles through the border and have to check into only motel as it’s pissing down and dark soon. I check my route for tomorrow to Peje and it’s same as if I was starting again ha. Day lost but loved it. In hindsight, it was a good thing as when I tried to exit Kosovo I wouldn’t have had a entry stamp and could have been in trouble. Happy days.

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