Mostar to Sarajevo 5.7.18

68ml. After 4 nights at the cycle camp outside Mostar i set off for Sarajevo. At Potoci village i take the right turn over the mountain to head for Konjic. It’s a 9mile climb to start with but i chose this route as the E73 route is a bit narrow and the main highway so quite busy with trucks. When you reach the summit and start going down the road turns to loose gravel so it was slow going for about 15km but the views were fantastic. At Konjic i’m advised by a local that the road isn’t so bad over to Sarajevo so i take this E73 otherwise it would be a night camping out as the other way would have taken me too long. There’s 2 tunnels going this way, the 1st is only short but still advisable to put lights on the bike. The 2nd tunnel is quite long so i decide to take the pass over the top which isn’t so bad as you already have a lot of height and never saw a car going this route, then it’s downhill all the way to Sarajevo.

I stay at a warm shower host’s, Selim, up in the hills about 10ml from Sarajevo old town. The morning after we talk and have coffee before i go to old town Sarajevo and book into the Doctor’s house hostel as it’s world cup football and I want to see the games.

9ml climb from mostar, 1st summit

Sarajevo in the distance

Selim, warm shower host just outside Sarajevo

Eternal flame Sarajevo

Mostar in the far distance


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