Orebic to camp Buna – Mostar 30.6.18

48ml today. After packing up I’m hit straight away with a 5.5ml climb over to trpanj. Took me 1hr and then a nice long downhill into trpanj for the ferry to Ploce. I find a quiet road heading for Mostar which runs parallel to the main highway. I spend the rest of my kuna in a supermarket before crossing into Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s mark here which is 2 to 1 for the euro. It’s mostly flat all the way to Mostar and I decide to camp at Buna on the river as it’s 18.30pm and it’s been a long day with waiting for the ferry 2hrs. My intended stop was Zemljani cycle camp 7km north of Mostar but I think it’s better to sightsee Mostar in the morning on the way there. Beautiful camp at Buna and the owner Gaga is a real friendly guy. I set up the tent and go to a nearby bar to watch world cup football.


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