UK Catching the ferry

Set off on Monday 30th April. Went over the top’s to my 1st night stop at warm shower host in Horsforth, Leeds.

Met Stuart and his dad. Had a great evening. Took me for a carvery round the corner and had some great conversation. Stuart gave me some tips and had some great stories to tell about his cycle tour across America. Left the next morning and arrived in Hull 68miles later. Stayed with illina , another great warm shower host. Met Paul and his brother Andy who we saw at Dent festival last year. Had a few drinks and then the following day it rained till early afternoon. Had to leave illinas at 8.30 so had brekkie in a cafe on Beverley road and camped there all morning waiting for the rain to stop. Met paul again and killed some time waiting for ferry. Rode up the ramp onto the ferry car deck and secured the bike to a rail and carried the bags to my cabin. Bye Bye UK.

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