Lovely goulash

Comfy cabins here.

Had a few days off at Havaranky cycle camping. went wine tasting along the paths to the vineyards and went to visit Zmojmo again and went down the underground city. It’s Liverpool Real Madrid tonight and thats why i stayed an extra day as the guy here says he will put it on the tele. Great place to stop here and great food. the chef guy, I think he’s part owner, worked in a 3 michelin star restaurant in France for 3 years and speaks English. The cabins are nice and cosy also. 


Mist off the river evening in Vranov

Beautiful Vranov in the evening

Only 22 miles today. Went to zmojmo to look around. Lovely place but the camping here was not very secure being in town and me being the only one there. So i left and headed for a site at Havraniky. It forecast thunderstorms late afternoon so was glad to get here before they started. Got a cabin with 4 beds in to myself for 10 euro. Lovely quiet village. Mean plate of goulash too.


The road to Landstejn

13th century Landstejn castle

castle ruins

Great views from the top

Stunning view from my tent pitch in a garden

I visited 13th century Landstejn castle this morning for a look around. Nice start to the day and i was the only one there at 8am. Then it was through some forest’s down to Slavonice to pick up the greenways cycle path again. After 42 miles I got to Vranov Nad Dyji and went down a massive hill into town. I passed a pension advertising camping so i stopped and was able to camp in the garden for the night at a cost of £4. But with an absolutely stunning view.


stretch of Greenway cycle path

Greenway cycle path

The green like onion means the greenway cycle path

Here route 11 is the greenway path

Cervena Lhota castle

another shot of castle at Cervena Lhota

67 hilly miles today. Great scenery today. I picked up the Greenway cycle path which is from Prague to Vienna. It’s a great route taking you on quiet roads and great scenery along the way. I didn’t use it all the way due to coming off and going to look at other places. Also sometimes it takes you through forest roads and an odd field path, which is a bit dicey on a fully loaded touring bike but it was ok. Met Georg and Ilny, a German couple touring and they was on the way down to ceske budejovice, so couldn’t ride with them as i’d changed my route from going there. I got to the campsite just outside Nova Bystriche at 8pm and it was shut so had to wild camp again. Super noodles and a brew before dark and bed.  


Pete and Alan

My wild camp pitch

Left Peter and Alan today, so was alate start 11am after a few brews and saying goodbyes. 47miles and very hilly. No where to camp and had enough of the hilly terrain so pulled of and wild camped off the road.


28miles today from Prague to visit peter and Yanni and Alan and Jitka at Beroun. Brilliant to see them and catch up. Very generous couples and really looked after me providing me with home comforts, food and beer. Stayed for 4 nights and was sad to leave. Thanks guy’s.

Alan and Jitka

Peter and Yanni



Prague was great but when i arrived in the evening it was busy with tourists, i couldn’t get on the charles bridge with the bike as it was so busy. When i arrived at Kanika’s flat i was lucky the bike would fit in the lift without taking the bags off. Kanika was busy with work so i went out to a restaurant around the corner where i had a great meal and the best beer i’d had up to date. Kanika suggested i stay another day to sight see, which i took the opportunity to do and i’m glad i did as it was raining the following morning. Caught the tram into town for the picture taking tourist lark and back to the same restaurant for Goulash and beer.  Thanks Kanika.


Breakfast before packing up

great campsite but noisy trains

Great tasting Czech beer

Czech republic border

72miles today down to Prague. Took my time as my warm shower host Kanika didn’t finish work till 8pm. Great scenery again all the way. Came off the river path again a couple of times to save some distance.


Dresden at Night

Dresden by night

Ready for the off, Czech republic tonight.

Czech Republic/ German border

Left Dresden today and rode into the Czech Republic. 60miles, Was going to try and make Prague but it would have been really late at night when i arrived  So decided to make it 2 easy days. Made it to a lovely campsite on the river but the downside was that 2 train lines, one each side of the river were running all night. I thought they might stop about 10pm but no, all through the night so i didn’t get much sleep. Great scenery again today. 


Waking the next morning after wild camping on the river.

30miles the next day to Dresden which gave me all afternoon to take in the sights. What a beautiful city. I was with a warm shower host Tobi this evening so he was a great guy who showed me round the parts of the city i hadn’t seen and took me to try pizza bread which was something i hadn’t tried before and was delicious. 


Great square in Wittenberg

After taking a look across the river at Wittenberg which was a beautiful city, I made for Riesa 75miles. Was late when i got there due to the late start and the campsite did not exist so i had to wild camp at the side of the river hidden in the trees. I came off the River cycle path and took a more direct route to avoid the extra distance the meandering river path takes. It was a great route as there was no other cyclists, which sometimes gets a little busy along the river cycle path. I went through some quiet forest roads which although it was hilly, it was worth it for the quiet and lovely scenery.


Cup of tea and peanut butter butty for supper

view from the campsite.

Parked up for my chicken and noodles yummy.

More ferries across the Elbe.

64miles today, More ferry’s across the river. Pulled off the route to have a look around  Dessau. Nice city and even managed to find a Chinese Imbiss which was a nice change so it was chicken noodles for tea. Made campsite on the side of the river at Wittenberg. Nice site with lovely flat ground for tent pitch. Made a nice cup of tea and peanut butter sandwiches for supper.


Today was 93mile as i had a tailwind. It was also fathers day in Germany so all the roads were quiet. It’s a day when all the men get drunk and travel from then to town with trolleys loaded with booze, or even paddle down stream with crates of beer in tow. It forecast thunderstorms today but although i came across wet roads, i never actually got any rain myself. I got to Magdeburg and couldn’t find a campsite and got no response on warm showers so pedalled on to Shonebeck looking for wild camping spot. I rode down ahead end road near the river and asked a man if there was a site close by. He was visiting his friend who owned the big house and his neighbour was having a party, so i was invited to pitch my tent next to the river and join for a beer and some food. Couldn’t believe my luck. Had a great night and slept well.


Well Anke provided me with a lovely breakfast then it was off into pied piper Hamelin for a little sight seeing. Then i had to head a few miles in the wrong direction to an electrical mart to buy a new power bank, which i got a great deal on offer was a 20,000ml amp for 22euros. I got in touch with a few hosts and was waiting for reply’s as i was riding in the direction i wanted and about dinner time i received a reply off Jan saying he could host me. When i arrived we stored the bike safely and he made homemade pizza and drank a few beers exchanging tales of travel. Jan was a brilliant host, did some washing for me and took me to the supermarket as tomorrow was Sunday and the shops are closed. After a lovely breakfast of boiled egg’s homemade bread, marmalade and jam, it was off again. Oh and i forgot to say Jan made home ground excellent coffee which tasted great.


51 mile today. Hit some hills today but was on quiet roads. Headed for Hamelin off pied piper fame and had a host for tonight in a little village about 6km from Hamelin. About 5 mile from the village my phone died so tried to plug it into my power bank and it was Kaput. So no navigation or address which was on my phone. Luckily i had my laptop so had to charge the phone enough just to get the address, which seemed to take an age.

Arrived at Anke and Andreaus beautiful house and was treated to a lovely meal and a few beers discussing our travels. A very nice couple and Andreaus was up the following morning at 5 to do a 160 mile ride. I felt in awe of this.

Anke and Andreaus


60 mile today. Got a last minute request off warm showers accepted from a nice guy called Tim who was in a house share. I met his housemates and had a full downstairs kind of dormitory to myself. Tim was studying for an exam in the morning and after making me a lovely tea had to retire and study. I got a call off another host who wanted to meet up for a beer so he showed me around the town and chatted about travelling over a couple of beers then it was off back to bed for the evening.


Arne my warm shower host

Saying goodbye

Left Krefeld the following morning and Arne rode with me to show me the way out of town. Then i rode to a nice campsite at Hagen nr Dortmund. It was such a nice site that i stayed for 2 nights and had a day off as it was Sunday.


Travelled from Orischot to Krefeld, 66mile. Great roads again along the cycle lanes in holland following waterways for most of the way. Got in touch with Arne on warm showers who at the last minute, late afternoon, offered to put me up for the night. After putting the  luggage into his flat then it was off out on the bike’s to a really nice beer garden in a park and overlooking a boating lake.

Leaving Holland at Venlo and into Germany.


Got off the Ferry at Rotterdam port and couldn’t believe how good the cycle lanes were.

Did 78miles to my warm shower host at Oirschot and only shared a road with cars for about 3miles of the 78.

Arrived at Harry and Roelie’s beautiful house at Oirschot and they made me feel so welcome and Harry made a Thai green curry which was fantastic. We talked about touring and Harry and Roelie are setting off on their great adventure cycling the world in June. Harry rode 15miles with me after a fantastic breakfast and giving me snacks for my onward journey. This was great as it gave me a great start to the day onto my next stop in Germany.

Harry my 1st European warmshower host.

I crossed the Border at Venlo into Germany.


Set off on Monday 30th April. Went over the top’s to my 1st night stop at warm shower host in Horsforth, Leeds.

Met Stuart and his dad. Had a great evening. Took me for a carvery round the corner and had some great conversation. Stuart gave me some tips and had some great stories to tell about his cycle tour across America. Left the next morning and arrived in Hull 68miles later. Stayed with illina , another great warm shower host. Met Paul and his brother Andy who we saw at Dent festival last year. Had a few drinks and then the following day it rained till early afternoon. Had to leave illinas at 8.30 so had brekkie in a cafe on Beverley road and camped there all morning waiting for the rain to stop. Met paul again and killed some time waiting for ferry. Rode up the ramp onto the ferry car deck and secured the bike to a rail and carried the bags to my cabin. Bye Bye UK.