Well after 1,500 miles and £2.000 raised for charity the journey is at an end. Sad to be going home but elated we managed in the extreme heat. Cake to celebrate and lots of beer’s before our flight home.

Greedy git

JT doing the honours




















Flip flop repair

Having his flip flop repaired for 20p, what a Malacca.


What should have been an easy day of 40 odd miles ended up 70miles as we took a little detour to visit the Cu Chi tunnels.The Củ Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and were the viet congs base of operations for the Tết Offensive in 1968. The complex of tunnel’s is 121km long. 


We left Phnom penh and rode just over 100mls to the border at Bavet following route 1. At  Neak Loeung the road ends and you have to catch a ferry across the Mekong river.

waiting for the ferry at Neak Loeung














A long hard day with many great sights along the way.

Delivering giant blocks of ice

who needs a truck






After our time in Siam reap we followed route 6 to Kampong Kdei, Krong Stueng, and down to Skun.

Skun province is known for the great delicacy of spider’s yum yum. From skun we had some R&R in Phnom penh.

We visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum chronicling the Cambodian genocide. 


































We rode 15 km’s south west of Phnom penh to Choeung Ek which is the site known as the killing fields. The site of a former orchard and mass grave of victims of the Khmer Rouge – killed between 1975 and 1979. About 17,000 men, women, children and infants who had been detained and tortured at S-21 were transported to the extermination camp of Choeung Ek. It is a peaceful place today, where visitors can learn of the horrors that unfolded here decades ago.


We caught a boat from Battambang, the day after arriving, down the Sangkae River.

This enter’s into the vast Tonle Sap lake. It took about 8hrs approx and you arrive at a little port from where we cycled the short distance into Siam reap.


We followed route 5 out of the city following the Tonle sap river up to Kampong Tralach district. We were averaging about 50/60ml a day but the heat was extreme to say the least. It was so hot that we did 10/12 miles only then had to stop for water. The highest we saw on the thermometer was 50*c. Now that’s hot lol. John took a thermometer

Still following route 5 up to Krong Kampong Chhnang then Krakor, then Bakan and finally Battambang. We were stopping in guesthouses for our accommodation and most town’s along the way had them. We only stayed in Battambang 1 night as the boat had space on the following day for us and the bikes.








We headed south west out of Saigon and headed for Battambang. We headed via Tan an, My Tho, Vinh Long, Can Tho, Long Xuyen and then got a boat from Chau Doc up the Mekong river to Phnom Penh. The boat stops for immigration and visa formalities as you cross into Cambodia on the way. Once in Phnom Penh we had a rest before setting off to Battambang.


Xmas 2009 and we set off on a trip to visit Angkor Wat, which was the 8th wonder of the world at that time. The plan was to fly to Saigon, (Ho Chi Ming city) and cycle doing a loop through the Mekong Delta into Cambodia, around the Tonle sap, visit Ankor wat and return to saigon. We raised money through sponsorship from friends and work colleagues. Raising £1000 for Alder hey children hospital, which my employer at the time (Bibby distribution c/o Ultraframe at Clitheroe) match funded making it £2,000. I can’t remember all the details but this is the best account as i remember.

Four of us was on this trip. Me and Andy drove down to Heathrow at midnight due to our connecting flight from Manchester being cancelled due to the bad weather. John (JT) and Graham (shagpile) caught a later flight when the weather improved and we met them in Saigon. Few days on the lash and then it was offski.