Sri-Lanka 20.1.11 Hikkaduwa – Negombo 86 mile

Sri-Lanka 20.1.11 HikkaduwSri-Lanka 20.1.11 Hikkaduwa – finished the cycling now. 86 mile yesterday in over 100 degree heat. Riding up through Colombo wasn’t as bad as i thought it was gonna be but still hard work all the same, damn bus driver tossers. Fly home tomo so depression has set in after the realization its back to work on Monday. Flat road all the way up and choose a quiet road from Colombo which followed a canal and lagoon all the way up to Negombo. No buses on this stretch. Saw a large snake which came across the road right in front of me but couldn’t get the camera out in time.  It was good apart from the weather early on in the holiday. Good roti’s and curry and rice. The culture also seems to be if you’re foreign then they double the price so this was not good feeling you’re being ripped off all the time.

2 thoughts on “Sri-Lanka 20.1.11 Hikkaduwa – Negombo 86 mile

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