9.1.11 sri-lanka Tissa-Tangalle 49mile

After mending Andys puncture this morning we rode into town for a sri lankan breakfast of bread, rice and curry in a local cafe, cost just over a quid for 2 of us but think we were overcharged due to being farangs lol. easy and flat road today along the A2 and arrive at Tangalle early afternoon and book in at the Kingfisher guesthouse right on the beach, 1000rp’s a night for the room. Thats more like it. Been here 3 days now just chilling and swimming in the sea. There’s a Navy basae close by and the sri-lankan navy come and train on the beach every day right outside our guesthouse. The beach is almost deserted here at Tangalle which stretches for about 2km’s. If you want a picture postcard location with warm sea, palm trees, golden sand and peace and quiet then this is the place for you. Andys birthday tomo but moving further down the coast to Mirrisa i think then out on lash. I think its only about 28mile away so easy day cycling tomo.

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