9.1.11 sri-lanka- Ella-Tissamaharama 66mile

Curd shop in Ella

Ella in the hill country

Ella Gap

Andy arriving in Ella our last stop in the hill country.

The road down to the flat plains

Well left Ella this morning 5.1.11 after a curd and honey for brekkie. This is made from the buffalo milk and is very tasty. After riding only 3 mile down the Ella gap towards the flat plains, the rain stopped and the Vietnamese rain cape came off as the temperature also rose steeply. Was bare back riding now for

Andy weaving through a small mountainside town

still cool as we lose altitude

the rest of the day with the long awaited sun on our backs. We took the A23 down to Wellawaya and this was mainly downhill for 15miles although there was roadworks a few miles after Ella with mud and uneven surface which really shit us and our bikes up.

waiting our turn in the roadworks

Andy still in flip flops, what a wanker!

We then headed east on the A4 to Buttala and then south on the B53 to Tissa. This was longer but looked a quieter road and also took us down the outskirts of Yala national Park.

Its getting warmer

The flat plains and sun at last

arriving in the flat plains and nice warm weather

We saw elephants 4 times today down this road. Andy Punctured about 20 mile from Tissa so just kept pumping the tyre up every 5 miles to finish at Tissa due to the extreme heat we couldn’t be arsed to mend it. My eyes were sore at the end of today due to the constant stream of sweat running into them and stinging. We booked in at the Pala hotel on the main road in about 1km north of the town. very nice place good food 2000rp’s for room.

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