sri-lanka 4.1.11 Nuwara Eliya to Ella 37mile

coming down bad road. It went for miles

Well descended for over 14mile today on a terrible road which was single track in some places and full of potholes. Probably could have climbed it quicker than going down due to the state of the road. Started down A5 to Welimada Then forked right to Bandarawela where the road was smooth again. had some climbing again today but nothing serious. Arrived in Ella at 1080mt’s asl and booked into a great guesthouse called Rawana guesthouse with really amazing views of Ella Gap WOW really does take your breath away. Must also be the best meal we’ve had so far with rice and about 9 different dishes including whole clove garlic curry, being their signature dish. yum yum. Rained again today but then we are high in the hill country. I must add that if there was emissions tests on all the vehicles here then the roads would be clear of all traffic as they all bellow out clouds of thick black smoke which isn’t good when you’re lungs are gasping for clean oxygen climbing these damn mountains ha ha. Up early tomo for view of Ella Gap before the cloud’s come down. Will head for Haputale and Sir Thomas Liptons seat Which is on one of the  tea plantation’s estate which he purchased in 1890 and where he used to sit and have the best view in Sri-Lanka. equal to the view at worlds end. He succeeded in selling 10 million pounds of tea in just 2 years by under cutting the then going price by 2 thirds. this was the start of the real birth of the lipton dynasty and put Ceylon tea on the global map.

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