sri-lanka 1.1.11 polonnaruwa to kandy 84mile

On the road to Kandy

Roti Lunch stop in small village

hi all, well set off in rain yesterday to matele headed back to Giritale then took a b road down to Elahera. was a very bumpy road and mainly climbing the last 10 kms although not steep. It also rained very hard for an hour so got very wet although its still warm. we then hit the main A9 just as the rain stopped and decided to go to Kandy as its new years eve and a more lively town where you can have a drink till midnight. everywhere else we been, all the small towns shut at 10/10.30pm. last 20kms to kandy was 10 uphill then 10 downhill. had to stop goin up to put my lights on as it was gettimg dark and too dangerous with the horrendous traffic. it was foggy goin up with all the poisonous exhaust fumes from the buses and trucks. we finally arrived about 8pm and found a guesthouse south of the lake who wanted 2000rp’s but managed to barter him down to 1500rp’s. Had a drink in le pub but was double normal price so ended up in stags head above a big hotel around the corner for the new year celebration where it was cheaper beer. Having another night here then setting off again but which direction we’re not to sure yet. Will be south tho looking for some sun. it’s been sunny here today, so maybe things are looking up. Just had a great curry and naan bread in the Kandy muslim hotel which is just a small local restaurant. best meal here so far.

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