sri lanka 30.12.10 Kurunugalle to Dambala 43ml. Dambala to Polonnaruwa 48mile

Healy tourist guesthouse Dambulla

great food at healy and he mopped the lot up.

hi all. left Kurunugalle this morn and the madonna guesthouse at 2000rp’s wasn’t clean or cheap. Set off and  rode to dumballa. What a nightmare, its very frightening as the buses rule the road and come within inches blasting thier horns. if they overtake heading towards you then you must steer off road in the gutter or be deceased, its that simple.

Sigiriya Rock

Monkeys on top of the rock

only half way up the steps here

Stayed at Dumbala for 3 nights and visited sigiriya rock and the temple caves. our accomodation was at the Healey tourist Inn 1300rp’s per night. very friendly family who run this.

ths steps up the rock

swimming bath on top of the fortress rock

Just 1 of the great views from the top

yesterday 29.12.2010 set off for polonnaruwa. Had my rack, for carrying my bag, repaired at a roadside shack as the support bracket snapped. He made a new strong one and fit it for 50p. Also the cycling has been much more enjoyable. Since the right turn at Habarana crossroads its been quieter roads and even a shoulder to ride on. We passed through Minnerviya national park and saw mongoose, elephant, and monitor lizards on way along with lots of different spieces of birds including eagles. Lots of military camps along this route heading eastwards. we are staying at the samudra guest house 1300rp’s in polonnaruwa. very clean and located just before roundabout in town on the right down a narrow alley. Its monsoon rain here today and looks like its set in for the day so maybe another night here. We met the owner of the devi tourist guesthouse in town and decided to go for a drink there, Wow very nice clean place and without doubt the best place here to stay. I forgot his name but speaks very good English both him and his wife. Also cheapest beer we had yet and great food. Wish we’d have come here 1st now lol.


well its hot and 78% humidity but its rained for 2 days out of the 4 we been here so far. unexpected weather everyone keeps saying. set off on bikes tomo up to a place called Kurunegala. no beer today but will be glad to set off i’m bored now. should have left today really but decided to have another days rest. Negombo where we’re at is just north of colombo on the coast. Very friendly people but not as cheap as other places in Sea here is very rough and signs up for no swimming. Drowning is 2nd biggest killer of tourists here. The water looks dirty here also on this part of the coast.