cycling from Hanoi to saigon via Laos and Cambodia xmas 2007

hiya all
This is the blog about our adventure at xmas 2007 where we cycle’d from Hanoi to Saigon partly along the ho chi ming trail through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This was 2 years ago so cant remember everything and the pics in the album are a little mixed up and out of sequence but thats how they uploaded.
We arrived at Hanoi airport and caught a taxi into the old part of town and eventually found a freindly guesthouse with vacancies. A couple of days on the lash then it was on a trip up to halong bay.  This is a majestic area where 3000 incredible islands rise from the emerald waters of the gulf of tonkin. We opted for the tour by boat which includes sleeping on a boat in the bay. you stop on 1 of the islands and do some exploring by kyayk which was great. After arriving back in hanoi we made for a bike shop and bought our mountain bikes for approx $160 including a few extras, spare tubes, rack etc. We set off out of hanoi and headed south for Dong ha where we would head west for the border crossing into Laos.