Bavet to saigon

Is this really the end. we only had 40 miles to finish in saigon but we decided to visit the chu chi tunnels site which made the day a 71 mile nightmare with the finish coming into saigon with no lights in the dark during rush hour. after a shit breakfast we did the formalities at the border crossing and after about 15mins we was on our way. we turnrd off national route 1 after trang bang and headed for chu chi tunnels. finally after 14 miles we arrived at the site and had a tour round the tunnels. they have been widened so as to fit us big westerners down and the tunnels was full of bats which you caught with your heads while squeezing through the narrow passageways. its a 250km network of tunnels with 3 levels and its very hot like an oven down there. after a little local dish of tree root called tapiorchy or something which tasted like horse chesnuts, it was off to saigon. we arrived on the outskirts about 530pm and it took us till 7.15pm to reach guest house in backpackers area of district 1 Pham ngu loa. as the light faded it was horrendous and quite scary with the traffic coming to grid lock in central saigon. you couldn’t even get off and walk due to all the moto’s going down the pavements. its mad and the only way to get anywhere is to follow suit and just go for it. its amazing you dont see more accidents. John was waiting with a celebratery chocolate swirl cake and it went down a treat yum yum. good on yer john. 

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