105 miles phnom penh to bavet 14.1.2010

Had a day off yesterday after arriving in phnom penh. John’s been ill and hardly eaten for 2 days so he’s catching bus to saigon on friday. After an early start we planned to do 120kms to svay rieng but after doing 60 mile before dinner we pressed on to border crossing at bavet total 105miles. After the road comong to an end at neak loeung and catching a ferry across the mekong we pressed on making good time. shag pile ran over an engine valve from a moto and needed a new innertube so we arrived in bavet at 5.30pm. after checking in to guesthouse we went out to eat and this small border town is amazing at night time it turns into a floresant mini las vegas. About 6 massive hotel-casinos light up the sky with a multitude of bright colours. I had an early night and was sheeted up fot 10.00pm but andy and shag pile stayed out drinking ankor beer till 12.30am celebrating the fact we’d done 100+miles on the bike, but any excuse being the alkies they are.

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