Skun to phnom penh

48 miles today and had an early start so arrived at 12.30. we’ve booked in a guesthouse on the side of the mekong river and had an irish stew dinner in the frog and shamrock pub. back to tourist towns which is ok but prefer it out rural where not so many tourists. its a lot cheaper ha. John not been feeling good for last 2 days he’s hardly eaten and he doesn’t look to good but we’re having tomo off as well so hopefully he can recover. bad road into here for last 30 miles as its so narrow and the rule here is biggest has priority so you find overtaking 4by4’s and buses and trucks heading straight for you knowing you will move or die. so many times had to go off road onto dirt at side of road. you cant play chicken here on a bike and expect to win lol. 240 kms to go to saigon so 2 days left to do in the saddle. first leg is 120kms to svay rieng then exit cambodia at Bavet and then through vietnam border at Moc Bai.

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